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Barista Equipment

These are not your average coffee makers. Not only do they look good,
they deliver – grinding, temping, mixing and frothing a restaurant-quality cup in under 25 seconds.

They are beautiful, smart and user-friendly.

With different models and sizes available, we have machines to suit any office.

We bring different Coffees for you.

JBC Series 125

JBC Series 125 JBC Series 125Table top, perfect for small and multiple unit accounts. Great flexibility with 2 user interfaces to be chosen between:

  • Touch: 7” touch screen selection panel with 8 customizable push buttons that offers an excellent communication space and allows to run promotional videos and images.
  • 170 mm high delivery area suitable for big cups, mug or a jug.
  • 100 mm high pivoting espresso cup holder.

JBC Series 325

JBC Series 325Table top or cabinet, plumbed or internal refillable tank, perfect for small to medium size accounts.

  • Tactile selection panel (Soft Touch Technology) with 12 push buttons that can be configured both as selections or pre-selections.
  • Showcase for introduction of fresh coffee beans or for branding.
  • End selection acoustic signal.
  • 32 digit alphanumeric display.
  • 6.69” 170 mm high delivery area suitable for mug or jug and foldaway espresso cup support.

JBC Series 525

JBC Series 525Plumbed or internal refillable tank, internal cup drop and mug capabilities. Additional variety of dispensed products and drinks. Money and credit card acceptance vend capabilities, perfect for accounts looking for full feature capabilities.

  • Tactile selection panel (Soft Touch Technology) with 12 backlit buttons that can be set either as direct selections or pre-selections
  • 12 buttons alphanumerical keypad
  • Models with Backlit Lexan or 7’’ LCD screen that makes the machine communicative with display of video clips, images or messages
  • Customizable sugar dosage
  • End selection acoustic signal
  • 32 digit alphanumeric display
  • Illuminated cup station with a height of 6.69” (170 mm) to be able to host a jug
  • Slow falling product dispensing door on the automatic version



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